Make your child the star of every story
Welcome to AI generated children's books! Our AI-powered platform turns your children into characters in your stories, complete with custom illustrations. Let your children explore a new world of possibilities as they journey through our AI generated children's books.
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Only 3 simple steps
Create Your Characters
Engage your child by making them the main character! With only 3-5 images they can take on the main role. Don't worry your characters are private and only you can use them.
AI-Powered tory Writing
You are not on your own! Start with a simple prompt and let us do the heavy lifting. Don't worry you can always edit the generated story to your liking.
Use AI To Illustrate
Bring your story to life with custom illustrations. We offer a number of artistic styles so you can pick the one best for your story and your readers.
Make your child the star of every story
Bring your family to life with just a few clicks! Create a character model with only 3-5 images and use it in multiple stories and scenarios. Unleash your imagination and let the possibilities be endless!
Family stories in digital and physical form
We understand that everyone has their own unique reading preferences. That's why we offer the freedom to read your books however you like - on a tablet, or even as a hardback. Whatever your choice, we've got you covered!
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